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9 Trending Candle Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Candle business opportunities are booming as consumers continue to appreciate the ambiance and relaxation candles provide. Here are nine exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to break into the candle industry.


1. Start a Franchise

One candle business opportunity is to start your own candle franchise. Many candle brands, such as Yankee Candle and National Candles, offer franchising opportunities. Franchises typically provide everything you need to get started, from initial training to ongoing support. Keep in mind that you’ll need to meet the brand’s requirements and adhere to their guidelines. You will also need a lot of money to get started, as most candle franchises require a significant investment.


2. Manage a Candle Store

If you love candles and have some retail experience, another candle business opportunity is to manage a candle store. Many candle brands have their own stores, so you could potentially work for a brand you’re passionate about. Alternatively, there are independent stores that typically carry a variety of candle brands and may even offer other home decor items.


3. Open a Candle Store

Of course, you could also open your own candle store from scratch. This option gives you the most control over what products you carry, how you market your business, and so on. However, it’s also the most challenging option, as you’ll be responsible for everything from finding suppliers to training employees.


4. Sell Home-made Candles Online

If you’re crafty and have a knack for candle-making, another business opportunity is to sell homemade candles online. You can sell your candles through your own website or online marketplaces like Etsy. Just make sure your candles are well-made and attractive, as there’s a lot of competition in the online candle market.


5. Create Candle Wax

Another business opportunity is to create candle wax. This raw material is used to make all types of candles, from scented to unscented, pillar to votive. If you have experience working with chemicals and manufacturing, this could be a great option.


6. Sell Candles Wholesale

If you’re interested in candle-making but don’t want to get too involved in the production process. You can buy candles from manufacturers and resell them to retailers, either online or in brick-and-mortar stores. This candle business opportunity is less hands-on than some of the others, but it still requires a good amount of research and marketing expertise.


7. Sell Personalized Candles

Another candle business opportunity is to sell personalized candles. You can add names, initials, messages, or even images to candles, making them perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. This option requires some creativity and marketing savvy, as you’ll need to come up with unique designs and find customers willing to pay for them.


8. Sell Candles With Unique Features

If you’re looking for a candle business opportunity a little out of the box, you could try selling candles with unique fragrances or themes. For example, you could create a line of candles with unusual scents, like bacon or pumpkin spice. Or, you could target a specific niche market with your candle designs, such as pet lovers or sports fans.

Another way to set your candles apart from the competition is to add wooden wicks. These wicks create a unique look and sound when burning, making your candles more enjoyable (and Instagrammable). Remember, wooden wicks are more challenging to work with than traditional ones, so this option is best for experienced candle-makers. 


9. Design Candle Accessories

If you’re good at candle-making but not so much at marketing, another option is to design candle accessories. This could include anything from candle holders to storage boxes to display stands. You can sell your candle accessories to retailers or directly to consumers through your website or online store.


Start Your Own Candle Business

There are many business opportunities available in the candle industry. Whether you’re interested in opening a candle store or selling candles wholesale, there’s an option for you. With a bit of creativity and marketing expertise, you can set your candle business apart from the competition and find success.